Amphibian Species Accountsfor Metro Atlanta

Information on each species native to Metro Atlanta, including identification characteristics — with images of adults, eggs, larvae and juveniles. Also wetland type, seasonality and frog calls.


Atlanta's Toads

The two toad species we have in our neighborhoods are tricky to tell apart. Luckily, they are primarily active at different times of the year and have distinctive calls which make it a little easier to tell them apart.

More About Toads

Use the Toad Key on this page and the species accounts to identify which toad species you are interested in. Atlanta's two toad species occupy similar habitats, and can even hybridize with each other so be careful!


If you are determined to identify your toad, you can view or download the TOAD SCORE sheet. If you key out your toad according to this sheet, you will be able to determine if it an American Toad, Fowler's Toad, or a hybrid of the two.

Learn Your Frog Calls Off-line

Use the link below to download all of Atlanta's frog calls (2.1 MB).

Download Frog Calls

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